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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Stuart says:

    Hear about you from the UK Column, keep writing we need to truth to come out. Thank you for standing up.

  2. Hi. Brilliant piece. Any chance I could use it as a guest piece on my blog?

    Just google Harry Blackwood for info on me.

    Keep up great work.



  3. nicholas says:

    very well done. Everyone should fight paedophilia everywhere they encounter it. There is massive corruption going on in all schools: if you are a teacher who thinks for yourself, you will be drummed out; regardless of the fact that your exam-record is nonpareil!!

  4. Andy says:

    I thought I read an article on here about correspondence with Tom Watson but I can’t find it now. Has it been deleted?

    • sindonax says:

      It’s been made private Andy, have a look at my latest Blog. I’ve had to do this. I cannot stomach they way things are happening. I never wanted to chance being involved in a Political Pantomime of shock, horror and salacious exclusives. We are talking about child abuse, children. Too many people are getting a thrill out of hearing about the next shocking disclosures. It is almost as if the more victims that are discovered the better it gets. I cannot handle that, it wrong and it’s ugly. It is not being taken seriously.

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